CILEM TUNC is a HIGH END ready-to-wear designer brand based in Antwerp. Every CILEM TUNC piece is unique with trademark handcrafted embroidery and strong attention to detail. While CILEM TUNC provides contemporary designs that stand out, it is also known for superior fabrics, innovative and comfortable cuts, which makes the brand both authentic and approachable for all women with different tastes and body types.

Every woman is a unique piece of art, using fashion as an expression of her unique personality and lifestyle.

Become a part of CILEM TUNC for a unique expression of your style and wear exclusive materials and creations around your body like colourful dreams.
Let’s make your art come alive together!

About us

Since 2018, we have been using a careful process from sketch to sample in our studio. Once a prototype meets our requirements in terms of fit and sizing, we send it to production. Every design in our collection has been carefully thought out, driven by passion. We are proud to support contemporary women with modern clothing that perfectly suits their needs.

Discover our versatile clothing line, designed for every body type and manufactured in Belgium. From flowing silhouettes to structured cuts, each piece embraces and accentuates your unique forms. Our designs not only stand for style, but also for confidence and comfort.

With bold prints, vibrant colors, and unexpected details, we challenge the norm and encourage self-expression, ready to embrace your style and show the world who you truly are.

The Jane x Cilem Tunc

Since 2022, Cilem Tunc has been collaborating with The Jane, a two-Michelin-star restaurant in Antwerp, to design exclusive uniforms for the female waitstaff. The partnership blends culinary refinement with couture creativity and has already produced two collections. The uniforms reflect both The Jane's culinary excellence and Cilem Tunc's design aesthetics, creating a visually striking atmosphere for the guests.

Cilem Tunc Collabs

  • Olivia Trappeniers

    Olivia Trappeniers wearing custom-made Cilem Tunc while performing with Regi at sportpaleis.

    Belgian Flemish singer

  • Julie Vermeire

    Julie Vermeire wearing custom-made dress by Cilem Tunc for Cannes Film Festival 2022. 

    TV personality

  • Anouk Matton

    Anouk Matton wearing custom made dress at the red-carpet.


  • Princess Delphine

    Such an honor to dress Princess Delphine van Saksen-Coburg in custom-made Cilem Tunc for the wedding of her niece Princess Maria Laura. She chose the color red, the color of love. 

    Princess of Belgium

  • Camille Dhont

    Camille Dhont wearing the custom-made outfit for Vlaanderen Feest 2022.

    Belgian Flemish singer, Presenter and Actress

  • Laura Tesoro

    Laura Tesoro wearing custom made for the the voice van Vlaanderen.

    Belgian Flemish singer

  • Camille Dhont

  • Kat kerkhofs

  • Pommeline Tillier

  • Tiffany Ling-Vannerus

  • Julie Vermeire

  • Nora Gharib

  • Emma Heesters

  • Tine Priem

  • Ianthe Tavernier

  • Anouk Matton

  • Evy Gruyaerts